Filming Locations

"Somebody had a cookout here, Vince."

Opening Scenes

The scenes of the car driving at the start of the film were filmed on Franklin Road just outside of Evans City, PA. The car drives the same location back and forth, filmed from opposite ends of the road giving the illusion of the car driving a long distance.

Evans City Cemetery Chapel

The Evans City Cemetery chapel is briefly featured in the movie. In 2011 the chapel was due to be demolished as it had become derelict, that is until Gary Streiner put the word out and enlisted the help of loyal Night of the Living Dead fans and a fundraiser to FIX THE CHAPEL. With Gary leading the cause, he and the fans raised the $50,000 needed to repair the chapel back to its former glory. In 2014 the work was finished,
for the grand opening Gary held a Living Dead Festival
with George Romero as the guest of honor,
George cut the ribbon on the newly refurbished chapel on Saturday October 11, 2014.

Evans City Cemetery

The cemetery featured in Night of the Living Dead is Evans City Cemetery, located off Franklin Road, Evans City, PA. This was the only cemetery used for filming. For more information on some of the Grave Markers seen in the film, visit the pages here -KRAMER - BLAIR - COLE

the Farmhouse

The farmhouse was located off Ash Stop road, Evans City. The old house was demolished after filming completed.  A new house was built at the same location, with the chimney on the new house is facing the same direction as the front of the old house. The farm is private land and now grows Evans City Corn. The Living Dead Festival were granted permission to take a group there for a visit.

the bridge

The Bridge is located on Ash Stop road just outside Evans City. The area still looks the same as it did in the movie, however the overhead part of the bridge has been removed. Kohler lane is also seen in the film which is next to the bridge.

The cellar

The cellar scenes were shot in the basement of the Latent Image office building located at Fort Pitt Boulevard in Downtown Pittsburgh.