Ghoulish splat Facts

The founders of
Image Ten, Inc.
George A. Romero - Director, Cinematographer.
Russell W. Streiner - Producer.
John A. Russo - Writer, assistant Cameraman.
Vincent D. Survinski - Production Manager.
Gary R. Streiner - Recording and Mixing.
Richard Ricci - Actor, Friend.
Rudy Ricci - Actor, Friend.
Karl Hardman - Co-producer.
Marilyn Eastman - Actress, Production assistant.
Dave Clipper - Attorney.
The story of Night of the Living Dead was inspired by a book Richard Ricci had loaned to George Romero. The book was "I Am Legend" by Richard Matheson. First published in 1954, The book tells the story of the last man on earth, who is hunted at night by vampires.
Marilyn Eastman played Helen Cooper, but she worked behind the scenes applying make-up to the cast and also starred as
the Bug Eating Ghoul

John Russo had originally been intended to play the Cemetery Ghoul, but as John was busy working on the film crew,
Bill Hinzman was given the role.

In the original working script for Night of the Living Dead, the character of Ben was an intelligent but uneducated,
crude truckdriver.
Rudy Ricci was to play the
part before Duane Jones was cast.
In the original script Barbra was the only survivor, She had been dragged down into the cellar by Ben. After shooting Ben, the Posse hear her scream, Sheriff Mclelland is about to shoot her when he spots a tear trickle down her cheek, realising she is alive,
he lowers his weapon.
As Production Manager, Vince Survinski had the role of keeping records for the Image Ten Project, He created a file with the title: "MONSTER FLICK", this was the first title for the movie.  The name would change to "NIGHT OF THE FLESH EATERS" and "NIGHT OF ANUBIS" before the Walter Reade organisation requested the title be changed to "NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD"
In the opening scenes as the car pulls up in the cemetery, the voice heard on the
car radio is Karl Hardman.
Charles Craig was the Newsreader in Night of the Living Dead , but also played a Ghoul and a posse member. Chuck's Ghoul character was featured top right of the US one sheet poster.
An alternate ending idea for Night of the Living Dead, suggested by Karl Hardman was to have the Undead Karen Cooper make her way out of the farmhouse, as the posse were leaving the area, unaware they had not destroyed all of the flesh eating ghouls.
This ending was never filmed.
The Basement scenes were all filmed in the Latent Image building in downtown Pittsburgh as the basement inside the farmhouse was much too small.
In the original Night of the Living Dead script, Helen and Harry Cooper's Surname was Tinsdale, their child was a little boy, first named Kevin , then later changed to Timmy.
When the Ghouls were eating flesh in Night of the Living Dead, Bosco Chocolate Syrup was used for the blood effect. Pratt & Lambert Vapex wall paint was also used for blood splatter in some scenes.
When Ben drags the corpse away from the top of the stairs, its actually Kyra Schon
laying on the carpet.