Night of the Living Tapes Kickstarter

Published on
August 5, 2021
Author and Living Dead collector Geoff Turner has meticulously cataloged video box art, promotional materials and distribution details gathered from collectors around the globe, to assemble NIGHT of the LIVING TAPES, the definitive compendium of the home video history of NIGHT of the LIVING DEAD, as authorized and approved by Image Ten, Inc., the film's creators.

Image Ten is pleased to bring you the premiere release of NIGHT of the LIVING TAPES in this Kickstarter campaign featuring limited edition collectors items from Witter Entertainment, Broke Horror Fan, Fright Rags, RJF Image/Design, and Misshapen Monsters.  Join us for a trip back to the era when motion picture exploitation campaigns were crafted with paste and ingenuity, and NIGHT of the LIVING DEAD dominated the shelves at video rental shops everywhere.

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