Night of the Living Dead
George Kosana Sheriff McClelland Rifle

A rifle used by production manager and actor George Kosana in his role as Sheriff McClelland in George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead (Image Ten, 1968).Custom AFN Supreme High Power Rifle in .300 Win. Mag caliber on a 98 Mauser action. 1950s-60s custom deluxe checkered fancy stock and jeweled action. Vintage Bauer scope on Bueler mounts. Good used condition showing minor scratches and wear. NSNV. Leather file scabbard included as well.Kosana discussed details of the rifle in an interview from 2012 published on YouTube ( in which he states:

"The only thing I have left from the film as memorabilia is my high powered rifle. And that is for sale, but it’s a very high-priced item. That was a custom-built rifle made for me by a gunsmith from West Newton, Pennsylvania by the name of Philip Carnau. And it is a semi-bull sporter. I don’t know how many of you are familiar with firearms, but its stock is glass-bedded, free floating with 4N pressure. It has a Monte Carlo cheek piece, hand checkering hand piece and forearm. It’s a Douglas stainless steel barrel, semi-bull sporter barrel, with a Mannlicher Mauser FN 400 action. It’s accuracy from sandbags ... in micro-fine crosshair scope ... 100 yards ... three shot group inside of a dime. And it’s 300 Winchester magnum in caliber. I can load it down to hunt groundhog or I can beef it up to hunt grizzly."

The rifle was consigned by the family of George Kosana to Juliens Auctions for the HOLLYWOOD: LEGENDS AND EXPLORERS (#3254)
07/17/2020 LOT #841
The Rifle sold for $12,500

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