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Sharon Carroll

Photo © Image Ten, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Photo © Image Ten, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

As a neighbor and friend of Russ Streiner and Jackie Faust, Sharon became involved with the production as the pair recruited family and friends to portray the film's flesh-eating ghouls. Sharon is featured shambling among the living dead horde in key scenes, as well as in many of the movie's most famous publicity photos, her creepily-effective ghoulish stare earning her a coveted spot at the top of the one-sheet poster.

Sharon was recently tracked down, after 55 Years since her on screen appearance, by NOTLD sleuth John Vullo. John was researching the names of Ghouls that appeared in the film and from the names he found on production documents he was able to Identify Sharon as being in the movie.

He contacted her to verify the information, which then led to Sharon's first guest appearance at the 2024 Living Dead Weekend at the Monroeville Mall.

The Living Dead Weekend Guest Banner for Sharon Carroll's first ever convention appearance
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