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Randy Burr

Photo © Image Ten, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Photo © Image Ten, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Randolph Reynolds Burr Sr.

Born in Forward Township, Butler County, Pennsylvania, USA 19th April 1905

During the time Night of the Living Dead was being filmed, Randy Burr ran a gas station in Evans City, he was also an electrician. According to Burr, he had been asked to visit the Farmhouse to fix a broken pump, and he ended up playing a part in the film, saying "The first thing I saw when I came up there was a girl running around the corner of the house with her eyeball hanging out, screaming like a demon with her clothes all tattered up and blood all over."

"I was going to get out of there as fast as I could until some of the people on the staff told me what was going on - and wouldn't you know it - a star was born."

Burr kept a scrapbook containing pictures of himself in the film spearing Ghouls with meat-hooks. "Clark Gable's got nothing on me, I'm a paid movie star... a real big shot."

Randy Burr Died in McCandless Township, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, USA 26 Feb 1978 (aged 72)

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