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Joe Unitas

Photo © Image Ten, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Photo © Image Ten, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Joe Unitas of Peters Township worked on Night of the Living Dead as the lighting director. Joe

Joe spent around three weeks on the set in Evans City, designing and executing the lighting effects, using shadows to create what he calls “terror, fear and suspense” for the film.

Unitas had purchased some lighting equipment from a company that had gone out of business and was hired by the Latent Image and Co. as the lighting director because he owned the right lighting equipment and was available.

“The most difficult part was getting enough (electrical) voltage to the cemetery and to the farmhouse,” Unitas said.

working on “Night of the Living Dead” was just a small part of Joe's 64-year-career, including several projects for commercial clients Heinz, Bayer, U.S. Steel and Alcoa, both for television commercials and sales films.

He also did the lighting for a 1974 O.J. Simpson documentary titled “Juice on the Loose.”

His love for photography led him photograph many of his family and friends which he included in his book, published in 2010.

Joe is a regular guest at the Living Dead Weekends in Evans City, where he loves to meet fans of the film.

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